Man of Millennium-Chinggis-Genghis Khaan

Researchers and scholars from various countries have proclaimed Chinggis Khaan  as the Man of Millennium, acknowledging that he was great organizer, diplomat, politician, and warrior who set up the legal system of Mongolia and played a decisive role in the development of foreign relations, economy and the art of war. In modern Mongolia, Chinggis Khaan […]

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Mongolian archaeologists excavated “Dragon city” of Khunnu Empire

In 2017  a team of archaeologists from Ulaanbaatar State University made some amazing finds in Ulziit sum of Arkhangai province in central Mongolia. This discovery was kept secret and only last summer publicized by in Mongolian media. They discovered and excavated Dragon City or Longcheng City, capital of the Xiongnu Empire.  They unearthed a fragment […]

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