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Travel tips

Before you go!

Learning a few words of the local language is a great way to break barriers. Try greeting waiters, drivers and other local people. Show respect by learning to say ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’. 
Hello   (How are you?)   Сайн байна уу!   [Sain baina uu?]
Fine, how are you?   Сайн, та сайн байна уу!   [Sain, ta sain baina uu?]
Fine (well, good)   Сайн   [Sain]
What’s the news?   Сонин сайхан юу байна?   [Sonin saikhan yu baina?]
Good morning!   Өглөөний мэнд!   [Ug-loe-nee mend!]
Good afternoon!   Өдрийн мэнд!   [Ud-reen mend!]
Good evening!   Оройн мэнд!   [O-roin mend!]
Goodbye!   Баяртай!   [Ba-yar-tai!]
Bon appetite!   Сайхан хооллоорой!   [Sai-khan kho’l-lo’-roy!]
Thank you!   Баярлалаа!   [Ba-yar-la-laa!]
It is delicious   Сайхан амттай байна шүү!   [Sai-khan amttai baina shuu!]
What’s your name?   Таны нэрийг хэн гэдэг вэ?   [tany neriig hen gedeg ve?]

Please take a moment to read some tips for before visit Mongolian family!

Local Customs: Do and Don’t


When you enter ger, should greet and say hello (sain baina uu?)
Keep your hat on when enter ger if you are wearing one, but lift is as a sign of greeting
Receive their tea, fermented mare’s milk, and things with your right hand and both hands and your sleeves rolled down
Walk round inside the ger in a clockwise
When you have kicked their feet, grab the hand of a Mongolian

Whistle inside a ger or house belonging to Mongolian
Let your feet point in the direction of the alter, when you staying ger
Sit down threshold of the door
Walk in front of old people
Point a knife in the direction of anyone
Have long conversation in your own language in front of Mongolian family
Take food from plate with left hand
Throw your napkins to their stove
Hang down from sticks of ger
When you sleeping your feet to door, head to north side of ger

Please take moment to read for before heading to wilderness

Local Customs: Wilderness tip

-Don’t pee in any water in the nature: rivers, lakes and streams
-Spill any milk products in river and lakes
-If it is necessary to wash in streams or rivers, do not use detergents or other chemicals. Always remember, it may be someone’s drinking water further downstream.
-Leave what you found take only pictures, leave only footprint.
-Do not touch, culture or historic structures and artifacts
-Leave rocks, plants and other natural objects as you found them
-Respect wildlife
-Observe wildlife from a distance. Don’t approach and follow any animals
-Never feed animals. Feeding wildlife damaged their health alters natural behaviors and exposes them to predators and danger
-Protect wildlife and your food by storing rations and trash securely
-Control pets at all times, or leave at home
-Avoid wildlife during their sensitive times; mating, nesting raising young or winter

Please take moment to read for before camp

Local Customs: Camping tip

Camp at least 20 meters from rivers, lakes and streams
Camp in open area away from thick brush, trails, and berry patches
Set up cooking, eating and supply area at least 100 yards from your sleeping area
When you are gathering fire wood and pick up belongings off the ground, be careful of snacks and other insects that are often hard to detect.
Check for insects in your bedding, clothing and food wear carefully before use
Keep your flashlight near you
Keep campsite small. Focus activity in areas where vegetations absent
Where fires are permitted, use established fire stones.
Keep fire small. Use only sticks from the ground that can be broken by hand.
Burn all wood and dried dung to ash.