One of the most exciting railroads in the world- You can travel through Russia, Mongolia and China at one travel by this railway. There are several branches on the line, one which goes through Mongolia.

The Trans-Mongolian Railway is connected to the Trans-Siberian by a branch line from Ulan-Ude, providing a link between the Trans Siberian and the Chinese railway system. Mongolian sections were joined from the main line to Ulaanbaatar in 1949 and to China in 1955.

The total distance from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar is 6304 km, and from Moscow to Beijing is 7865 km. The Trans-Mongolian covers 1000 km from Russian border to the Chinese border passing through Ulaanbaatar. Train from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar with Trans Mongolian Railway. It takes 5 days to get from to Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia.

(Trans -Siberian Train) The weekly Trans-Mongolian (train 4 eastbound, train 3 westbound) train leaves Moscow for Beijing every Tuesday night. The 7,621 km (4,735 mile) journey takes 6 days. This train crosses Siberia, cuts across Mongolia and the Gobi Desert, then enters China and passes through the Great Wall. There’s a second weekly train between Moscow and Ulan Bator (train 6 eastbound, train 5 westbound).

Alternatively, there are daily trains between Moscow and Irkutsk and a daily train between Irkutsk and Ulan Bator (train 263/264). There are two trains a week between Ulan Bator and Beijing. We can book train tickets from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing-Moscow.

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