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We have many greetings. Common one is (Sain baina uu?) -Hello. When you visit local herder family, before enter the Ger, they say (Nokhoi Khorio). It main is Catch a dog or May I come in ger. Mongolians traditionally have strict patterns of greeting. Older or distinguished people were greeted first. Hand-shaking while greeting was unusual, as touching the hand of a respected person was traditionally impolite. They did not consider grasping hands as a sign of affection and friendship, but rather shameful behavior, an attempt to make the other person impure. For a formal greeting, a man would button his clothing, tighten his belt, put on his hat, extend his right hand and bow three times, touching his forehead with his fingers. Meeting respected guests on the open steppe, he would adjust his clothing, put the palm of his right hand to his heart, and bow. Ordinary people would inquire about work. Meeting a herder with his animals, the visitor might say ‘Sureg amgalan suu shim arvin boltugai’ (‘May your herd be peaceful and milk be abundant’). Meeting a traveller, one might say ‘Altan shar zam tan ulziitei boltugai’ (‘May your journey be lucky and successful’). A greeting for someone sewing might be ‘Uil uran uter turgen butekh boltugai’ (‘May your needlecraft be elegant and completed quickly’).