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Mongolia is located heart of the central Asia and a land locked country. Total territory is 1,566,500 square, kilometer. Mongolia stretches about 2,400 kilometers from west to east and about 1,260 kilometers from north to south. The total length of the country’s borders is 8,158 kilometers.

The land of contrast

Mongolia bordered to the north by Russian and to the east, south and west by China. The total borderline is 8161 km long, 3485 km of which is with Russia and 4676.8km is with China. Mongolia lies in 41° 35’ Lat and between 87° 44’ and 119° 56’E. Mongolian most north point is named Mongol Shariin Davaa, south is Orvog Gashuunii Tolgoi, east point is Modtoi Khamar and west point is Maanti Uul. The huge landmass of Mongolia is situated on the Central Asian plateau at the head water of the river systems of Siberia and the Arctic, China and the Pacific, and the closed systems of Central Asia.

Mongolian the highest point is Khuiten peak 4376m in the Tavanbogd Mountain in Altai mountain range in western Mongolia and the lowest point is Khukh Lake 560 m in the eastern Mongolia. Although Mongolia does not share a border with Kazakhstan, its westernmost point is only 38 kilometers from Kazakhstan’s eastern tip.

Mongolia landscapes is divided into four natural zones of are Gobi and desert zone in the south, flat and steppe zone in the east, taiga and forest zone in the north, highest rocky mountain ranges in the west.

Explore The Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert zone

Gobi desert dominates southern part of Mongolia.


High Mountain zone

Western Mongolia is dominated by the Mongol Altai Mountain.


Forest zone

The total forest area of Mongolia is 17.5 million ha or 11.2% of the total land area.


Open steppe zone

Eastern Steppe is the largest expanse of unspoiled, temperate grassland in the world.


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