Top 10 things to do in Mongolia

The Naadam Festival is the most important, biggest event and holiday of Mongolians. Naadam, three “manly games” is a festival of the three traditional sports in Mongolia. Naadam Festival celebrated in Mongolia nationwide on July 11-13.  Naadam is properly know as “Eryn Gurvan Naadam”, three manly games of wrestling, horse racing, and archery.

Naadam Festival and Gobi Tour

2. Nomadic Life style and Homes stay 

Mongolia is one of the few nomad countries in the world. Mongolian Traditional Life based on the herding of five types of animals: horses, camels, goats, sheep and cows.  Explore the daily activities of nomad people: milking cows, taking care for herd, making house holding items using raw materials from cows and sheep. Camel and horse riding. Visit Kazakh families in their traditional gers, felt tents decorated in a dazzling mosaic of colors, share and learn about their special lifestyle. Explore beauty of snow-capped Altai Mountains

Home Staying with Herder Family

 3. Horse riding 

Mongolian culture and hundreds of years of Mongolian history are tightly connected with the horse and modern Mongolia is one of the last real horse cultures left in the world. Ride through peaceful forest, steppe with spectacular views, and enjoy discovering the incredible landscape on horseback.

Horse Trekking to Eight Lakes

4. Wild camp

Enjoy the best stargazing in your life, dancing and jumping across the campfire, Mongolian  star watching, eat your food, getting a visit from the local farmers.

Discover the mystical Gobi, the crystal waters of Lake Khuvsgul


5. Camel riding

The Gobi Desert Area is one of the untouched, unique, and mysterious place on earth. Most people known “Home of Dinosaur”. The area is most famous for the first discovery of dinosaur eggs. Flaming Cliffs was discovered in 1922 by the explorer Roy Chapman Andrews. Even today there are more skeletons and eggs being found from Gobi.  The shifting dunes surrounded by higher mountains and bordered lush green vegetation… more adventures

Colors of Gobi

6. Golden Eagle Festival

The Kazakhs of Mongolia train their eagles to hunt for rabbits, foxes and wolves. Once a year, hunters from all over Bayan-Olgii province gather to celebrate this traditional skill and compete against each other challenges that show off the abilities of both birds and their trainers. You can enjoy the Kazakh games, traditions and culture. Organizers also hosted a fair for hand crafts, and explained for all, the tradition of Kazakh

Home Stay with Kazakh Family


 7. Tsaatan-Reindeer herder visit

There are only about 60 families of reindeer herders with amazing ancient culture. Most spectacular scenery of Mongolia, many glacier lakes, waterfall, crystal clear lakes and rivers, lush green meadows, forest of Siberian Taiga.

8. Climb Altai Mountains

A stunning landscape of high glaciated snow capped mountains, alpine and sup-alpine forests, large lakes, rivers and streams, mountain grasslands, barren rocky mountain ranges and known to local Kazakhs as the region. Climb to Malchin Peak, 4050 m. This peak, the lowest of the Holy Five Peaks, is on the Mongolia and Russian border.

9. Have Mongolian Traditional Meals 

Mongolia food is seasonal. In the summer months, when animal provide milk, dairy products and dried meat (borts) become staple food. The Mongolia diets also include many forms of dairy products. Staple dairy products are yogurt (tarag), cheese (bayaslag), dried curds (aaruul), cream (zuukhii), butter (urum) and various form of butterfat. Traditionally prepared on holidays and special occasions are more labor-intensive than staple foods; they include boiled, fried or steamed dumplings, (bansh, buus, khuushuur), handmade noodles (tsuivan), and barbecues (with hot stones Khorkhog and Boodog)


 10. Folk performances

One of the best things you do in Mongolia is to buy your ticket, go to a theatre and watch Mongolian folk song and dance performances. Mongolian folk performances are great, rhythmic and melodious and are deeply appreciated by foreigners and tourists. Mongolia is a home to khoomii or throat singing and ‘urtiin duu’ (‘long song’) which inscribed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO


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