Eagle hunting festival will organize very close to Ulaanbaatar city

Eagle hunting festival is organized very close to Ulaanbaatar city and it has been organized every year since 1999. You can enjoy the Kazakh games, traditions and culture. Organizers also hosted a fair for hand crafts, and explained for all, the tradition of Kazakh.

Eagle Festival just in 2-weeks time in Bogd Khan National Park! The date is 05 March and the venue is the Chinggisiin Khuree tourism camp in the Bogd Khan National Park.

This festival is organised for those who can’t travel over 1300km to the westernmost Mongolia to see the Eagle Festivals. And real Eagle hunters with their mighty Eagles will come all the way from Bayan-Ulgii to compete including the famous Aisholpan – the 14 years old Eagle Huntress of Mongolia!

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11:00-11:30    Opening Ceremony & Parade of Eagle Hunters
11:30-12:30   Performance of falconry on horseback
Demonstrating trained Eagles’ skills
Hunting with trained Eagles
12:30-13:30     Break
13:30-14:00     Competition among Eagle hunters & Eagles
14:00-14:30     Kazakh traditional game “kokpar” on horseback
14:30-15:00     More Kazakh games
15:00-16:00     Competitions among Eagle hunters & Eagles
16:00-17:00     Awarding & Closing Ceremony

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