Great opportunities for fishing in Mongolia

 Fishing in Mongolia

Mongolia is a country that captures the attention of the fisherman and the non-fisherman alike. Fishing in Mongolia is wonderful experience. We have over 4000 rivers and more than 30 lakes – all totally unspoiled and unpolluted, and a fabulous place to catch a wide variety of fish. Mongolian fish are much bigger and more abundant. Here lives the world’s largest salmonid, the Taimen, also known to the Mongolians as „River Wolf”. Taimen can reach up to 200 pounds and 2m long. Fishing here is catch and release with barbless hooks as it is one of the world’s healthiest and biggest Taimen population.

Season officially opens June 15 and the rainy season is July. By late August the rivers are clearing and the fishing is peaking. By the end of October, Mongolia is starting to get too cold for fishing.

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