South Gobi

South Gobi

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This part of the Gobi Desert is a well-known tourist destination, covering an area of 63,845 square miles. The Gobi Desert Area is one of the untouched, unique, and mysterious place on earth. The site of an ancient inland sea, the Gobi Desert is a treasure fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. The area is home to Argali Sheep, Snow leopard, Hulan (Wild ass), gazelle (antelope), Wild camel, Mazaalai (Gobi bear) and Desert Ibex.


The mountains are most easterly points of the Altai mountain complex and the highest peak is 2815 meter above sea level. A number of rare plants and animals are found in the park, including the elusive snow leopards, wild sheep/argali/, wild goat/ibex/. The park extends 240 miles from east to west, covering rocky and sandy plains, cliffs and ravines, salt pans and oases. It supports 52 species of mammals and 240 bird species, including breeding and migrant species.


yoliinSmall River flows through the canyon which freezes in winter time. Originally, the area used to be a frozen-like throughout a whole year, but according to the global warming most of the frozen area have been melting recent years. It is wonderfully picturesque place with ice even in summer, and surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. You can see Mongolia bird Yol or Mongolian Bearded vulture Yol is the biggest bird in Central Asia and lives in the area building a nest atop the canyon. The protected bird lives at 1500-3000 m altitude and its wingspan reaches 2,5-3 m. they This bird has a tuft of hair under its chin, a buff-yellow back and a light abdomen and a head. It usually lays 2 eggs in February and feeds from carcasses of dead animal.


The shifDSC00993[1]ting dunes is 180 km long, 400 m hight, 20 km wide. The dunes surrounded by higher mountains and bordered lush green vegetation. Local people named “Singing dune” When the wind blows over the dunes it makes strange sound like high pitched tone of an air plane. The dunes is home of Mongolian two humped camels.

BAYAN ZAG-Flaming Cliffs

It means “rich in saxaul shrubs” is more common known as the Flaming Cliffs. It was formed 60-70 million years ago. The area is most famous for the first discovery of dinosaur eggs. Flaming Cliffs was discovered in 1922 by the explorer Roy Chapman Andrews, who visited in Mongolia. It famed the place globally especially in a field of paleontology. Also this place made Mongolian Gobi region famous worldwide. During the expedition many important finds including fossilized dinosaur eggs and bones dating back to 60-80 million years ago.

Country Mongolia
Languages spokenMongolian
Currency usedMongolian Tugrug
Area (km2)243,610

Sports & nature

KHERMEN TSAV Tsav is a canyon with beautiful oasis, 6 km in width and 15 km in length. It is 250km away from Khongoryn Els and 450km from Dalanzadgad. The canyon is full of 30 meters high natural formations of cliffs, and looks like remains of ancient cities and temples, iceberg drifting on a sea, huge dinosaurs, turtles and crocodiles. As scientists defined it was an inland sea bottom some 200 million years ago. American scholar Roy Chapman Andrews named this place as "The End of the World." Hermen Tsav is known not only by its beauty of natural formation but also dinosaur fossils. The first full skeleton of a dinosaur was found in this place. Even nowadays, there are treasure chest fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs lying on the surface of sandy land. On the way to the Khermen Tsav there are some sights to visit such as Zulganai, Narandaats, Gurvantes. BUGIIN TSAV bugiiThe area is rich of fossilized dinosaur finds. Fossils of many different species like dinosaurs, a turtle, a fish and a mollusk. Skeleton of carnivorous Tarbosaurus found in the area is now being kept as a show in the Museum of Natural History. Bugiin Tsav is a special protected area in the zone of natural complex area called “Gobi Gurvan Saikhan”Sports and nature image

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Travel south to the Gobi Desert to attend the renowned “Thousand Camel Festival,” organized by a local non-governmental organization working to protect and preserve the Bactrian camel population. Highlights of the festival include camel races, performances by traditional Mongolian musicians and dancers, and visits to significant paleontological and cultural sites of the Gobi. Culture and history image

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