Great opportunities for fishing in Mongolia


 Fishing in Mongolia Mongolia is a country that captures the attention of the fisherman and the non-fisherman alike. Fishing in Mongolia is wonderful experience. We have over 4000 rivers and more than 30 lakes – all totally unspoiled and unpolluted, and a fabulous place to catch a wide variety of fish. Mongolian fish are much bigger and […]


Mongolian currency

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Tugrug (sign: ₮; code: MNT) is the official currency of Mongolia. The Mongolian unit of currency is the tugrug which comes in notes of T5, T10, T20, T50, T100, T500, T1000, T5000, T10.000 and T20000 Mongolian Banknotes:Mongolian money comprising the banknotes have images of Sukhbaatar Damdin or Chinggis Khaan printed on one side. The other […]


Mongolian Geography

Mongolia is located heart of the central Asia and a land locked country. Total territory is 1,566,500 square, kilometer. Mongolia stretches about 2,400 kilometers from west to east and about 1,260 kilometers from north to south. The total length of the country’s borders is 8,158 kilometers. Mongolia bordered to the north by Russian and to […]


Mongolian Food

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As Mongolia is a herding society, traditional Mongolian diet is based on food that can be obtained from the five domestic animals-cows, sheep, goats, horses and camels. The Mongolian diet includes a large proportion of animal fat which is necessary for the Mongols to withstand the cold winters and their hard work. Mongolia food is […]


Chinggis khaan-Man of Millennium

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Researchers and scholars from various countries have proclaimed Chinggis Khaan  as the Man of Millennium, acknowledging that he was great organizer, diplomat, politician, and warrior who set up the legal system of Mongolia and played a decisive role in the development of foreign relations, economy and the art of war. In modern Mongolia, Chinggis Khaan […]


Mongolian Traditional Folk Dance-Mongol Bielgee


The Mongol Bielgee – Mongolian Traditional Folk Dance is performed by dancers from different ethnic groups in the Khovd and Uvs provinces of Mongolia. Regarded as the original forebear of Mongolian national dances, Bielgee dances embody and originate from the nomadic way of life. Bielgee dances are typically confined to the small space inside the […]


Mongolian Visa / The Mongolian Embassies Abroad list

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MONGOLIA VISAS AND DOCUMENTS Currently, a 30-day tourist visa is easily obtained at any Mongolian consulate, consulate-general or honorary consulate. Follow the following steps and requirements to obtain a Mongolian visa from your nearest Mongolian Embassy: One copy of visa application form is required for Mongolian visas State clearly travel dates A valid passport must […]


What To Bring


Mongolia weather is very changeable. There are great differences between day and night, winter and summer temperatures. Need help on Clothing or Equipment Water and wind proof coats (thick and thin) Waterproof bag cover Mountain or trekking boots Warm socks Water proof pants Fleece jacket or warm sweater/jumper Riding boots (for horse treks) chaps (for […]